Jassen Charron was born in 1997 in Montreal, Canada where he began his acting career at the age of six after a neighbor took some photographs of him and realized how photogenic he was. Shortly thereafter, Jassen was signed by Louise Hebert Talent Agency. Then Jassen was signed by the Sonia Gagnon Talent Agency who was responsible for his first official movie role.

In 2011 Jassen played the role of young Gerry in the independent feature film titled “Gerry”.  In the years that followed he was cast for a small role in the Laurel Baker directed television series “ Fatal Vows” (2012) and played the role of young Emile in the film “Saule” (2014) as well as becoming a lead ensemble cast member playing the role of Fernand “Fern” Rivest in the groundbreaking film “ When We Were Boys” (2013) which was nominated for Best Feature Film for Youth at the 2014 Zlin International Film Festival for Children in the Czech Republic.


In addition, Jassen has appeared in many television commercials including one National Commercial for the German automaker Volkswagen.


In 2017, Jassen was officially enrolled in Film college New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He studied all aspects of the film industry, acting, auditionning, directing, producing, editing, voice over, business of film... Jassen graduated at the age of 19 years old and he started working in the industry in Los Angeles. From being an extra to working in the Universal Studio Lots to producing his own film.

In 2019, Jassen produced his first film and he won an Award for Best Acting Duo and 3 Awards for Best Experimental Film.

Jassen is now back in Montreal to continu realizing his dreams but this time, in his home town.

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